A TOWN councillor has repeated his calls for dog owners in Dorchester to clean up their act.

Cllr David Taylor has been campaigning for pet owners in the town to clear up after their animals after repeatedly being contacted by concerned residents fed up with encountering dog mess on the town’s pavements, playing areas and beauty spots.

He said he was encouraged to see action taken in other areas of the county, such as Portland and Hive Beach at Burton Bradstock, with dedicated volunteers taking action to fight the problem.

Cllr Taylor said he felt it was time someone was employed directly to impose penalties on people letting their dogs foul in public areas.

He added: “We as a council have more than provided for bins and bag dispensers in various places and still people will not clear up.

“I feel people are still unaware that dog waste can be bagged and deposited, no pun intended, in any of the rubbish bins in the town and county.

“Remember we really do live in a beautiful part of the world, let’s keep it that way.”

He went on to stress that most dog owners were responsible and cleared up after their pets, but there was a small minority that were causing the problems and giving others a bad name.

Cllr Taylor said: “I realise there are a lot of responsible dog owners, it’s the few irresponsible ones which cause major problems.”