CROWDS turned out to share their memories of the Mill Street area of Dorchester.

Writer David Forrester has teamed up with Rupert Edwards and a group of like-minded people to gather together the memories of those who lived in the area before they slip away and are lost forever.

Around 50 people turned out at a special event organised at St George’s Church Hall in Fordington, where they were able to view around 200 pictures of old Mill Street.

The pictures provoked plenty of memories, which those attending were then able to share.

Many people filled in forms at the event indicating that they would be interested in recording their story. The stories will be held at the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester and Mr Forrester, assisted by local publisher Roving Press, will then use them to put together a book.

Mr Forrester’s autobiographical book, Fordington Remembered, was launched in December last year and its popularity has prompted numerous people coming forward to share their memories of growing up in the area during the last century.

He has since been working on a project with the Mill Street Housing Society, encouraging people to share their memories of the area so they can be preserved.

Mr Forrester said: “There is so much social history that has gone unrecorded, which, if not collected, will be washed away down the Mill Stream and lost forever.

“Now is the time to record this before it is too late. Time is of the essence. In a few years we will have missed our chance.”

He added: “Some historians have written about Mill Street over the years.

“However, never before has the story come from out of the mouths of those who lived in this not very advantaged part of the town.

“These people were looked down on by those lucky enough to have things in life that the people of Mill Street could only dream of.”

Mr Forrester said he hopes the final work will captivate the reader and transport them into a world they never realised existed.

Anyone who did not attend the event who feels they have memories of Mill Street that they wish to share can contact Mr Forrester on 01305 250882.