A West Dorset resident is furious after work on a new pavement in the village covered water meters.

Robin Fedden claims that the new pavement in Burton Bradstock was unnecessary and that it was a botched job.

He said: “The parish council started all this by wanting the pavement out down in the village.

“At the end of the day this village isn’t designed for a pavement but they have put this pavement down and covered it in Tarmac.

“Then they decided they wanted a colour on it so they did this and they have made an absolute pig’s ear of it.

“It is the wrong materials. People were walking in resin all over the weekend and walking it into the road. It was melting in the sun.

“Then I noticed we have no water meters. They have put Tarmac down and resin and sealed the water meter covers.

“They have gone completely and it is not just mine.

“Also they have not masked over any of the drain covers and they are full of resin and chippings.

“It is a disgusting job.”

A spokesman for Dorset County Council said: “ We apologise for this situation.

“If the resident concerned reports this on the Dorset for you website under report road problems or calls 01305 221020 and reports this as a defect, we will rectify the problem as quickly as possible.”

Burton Bradstock Parish Council chairman Graham Moody said: “We had a campaign to improve road safety in the village a few years ago and we got a walkway put in by the county.

“When they first put the yellow grit in it was really a very poor job and all came out and went down the drains.

“This is the county council coming back and doing it ‘properly’ – how unfortunate.

“Apart from covering up the water meters it looks like they have done a good job.

“After all the efforts to get it right it is obviously a great shame but they must put it right.”