THE cameras have returned to West Bay – and so have the stars – to film for the second series of smash-hit TV show Broadchurch.

The star-studded cast and crew, including actor David Tennant, returned to their production base at the car park next to the West Bay Hotel.

And there is more good news for local businesses and the tourism trade, as a sign based at the car park announced that the site will be closed until 6pm on August 21 as a base for the crew.

The crew could be seen filming at a house close to the fun fair currently set up by the Riverside restaurant on Monday, and residents and holidaymakers were left star struck when Olivia Colman walked past West Bay harbour on a break from filming at roughly 6pm.

David Tennant has been seen filming at the chalets near the Riverside Restaurant.

Tess Reeve, manager at the West Bay Hotel, said: “The chances are if you’re in West Bay over the next two weeks you’re bound to see someone or something exciting – the crew are pretty hard to miss down here at the moment.

Broadchurch filming is really quite exciting for the area; and it benefits us a lot because we’ve had so many people coming in asking what’s going on and asking all about the show.

“I haven’t been lucky so far in terms of seeing any of the stars but I know the film crew returned on Sunday night.

“Hopefully the show will also bring us and other businesses in West Bay and Bridport more business after the second series of the show has been on TV.”

The crew first appeared back in West Bay to film series two of Broadchurch on June 4.

Filming back in June included David Tennant, who plays DI Alec Hardy, and Olivia Colman, who plays DS Ellie Miller, walking up the coast path to the west of West Bay, before being led into a house by Hollywood legend Charlotte Rampling.

Andrew Buchan, Jodie Whittaker and Charlotte Beaumont – who play Mark, Beth and Chloe Latimer – were also caught on camera driving around West Bay and Bridport.

Barman at The Bridport Arms, Donald Farmer, said: “Broadchurch is great for the area and for this pub in general because we often have the crew stay here.

“It’s a great idea to film the series locally and excellent for the tourist industry with the crew spending money on hotel rooms, food and drinks.”

David Winn of Winn’s funfair close to where the crew have been filming described the show as ‘an asset to the bay’ and added: “It’s a good programme and has a wonderful setting here.”

The first series of the Bafta award-winning drama was a massive hit, averaging more than nine million viewers per episode as well as triggering a tourism boom in the area.