A DORSET musician is turning to song to promote alternative methods of curbing TB in farm animals - and she's supported by rock star Brian May.

Linda Lamon penned the track, the Badger and the Wren, while walking in woods near her home in Bere Regis and hopes the song will help spread the word about badger vaccination.

It was recorded in Dorchester and Lynton Guest, of 1960s pop group Love Affair, played the keyboard on the track.

Watch the video here:

Culls are set to resume for the second year in Gloucestershire and Somerset after Natural England confirmed last week that all the criteria have been met to allow the four-year test programme to continue.

If the culls across the county border are successful, culls could be carried out in Dorset in the future.

But campaigners say vaccinating badgers is a viable alternative to stop the spread of the disease in cattle.

Dr May posted Linda's song on his website, where it has had hundreds of views.

She said: “With the news about the culls going ahead I wanted to do something to show that there is an alternative.

“It is a controversial issue but I wanted it to be a light-hearted, folk song that people can enjoy, so it has a positive effect.

“I was having a rest on a walk when I noticed all of these badger setts around me, which is what inspired the song. It's about a badger who makes friends with a wren.”

Money made through sales of the track will be donated to the Badger and Cattle Vaccination Initiative.

This project is supported by Dr May's Save Me charity and by the Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare group.

Linda said: “The initiative is run on a completely voluntary basis and they do it because it's something they believe in.

“But it does cost money to run, with petrol and other things to consider, and I know volunteers do end up paying for some things themselves.

“So I wanted to do something to help with that, while at the same time helping to spread the word that alternative methods to culling are available.”

Listen to Linda's song on the Dorset Echo website.

Link to video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l__T3MLnx10&feature=youtu.be