A WINDOW cleaner from Weymouth who had been suffering from depression took his own life, a coroner has ruled.

An inquest into the death of Peter Robin Bradley at County Hall in Dorchester was told the 45-year-old had been struggling after suffering an injury at work and was also finding a search for new accommodation stressful.

The body of Mr Bradley was found in his bedroom at his home in Dorchester Road by Luke Mundy, who also lived at the address, on August 12.

He had last been seen on the evening of August 10 but the inquest was told he had kept himself to himself and it was not unusual for him to spend time in his room. Mr Bradley’s father Robin said his son had ‘suffered from bouts of depression for quite a few years’.

He had also suffered a broken nose and elbow in an accident at work in January and was faced with having to move from his current accommodation.

The inquest was told he saw the Weymouth Community Mental Health Team after a previous suicide attempt on July 18 that he had felt unable to go through with. When he was assessed Mr Bradley said he had recognised reasons for living and was too scared to make another attempt on his life. He was deemed to no longer be at risk of suicide, however, he was found hanged at his address less than a month later.

Coroner for Dorset, Sheriff Payne, said: “The verdict I record is that he has taken his own life, that he has committed suicide.”

The coroner expressed his sympathies to Mr Bradley’s family.