A 99-YEAR-OLD woman and her friends proved you’re never too old for a challenge.

The residents of Grassington House Care Home in Dorchester got drenched in aid of charity.

They’ve raised around £12,000 in the last few years through their tireless fundraising efforts.

And not content with dressing in pink, holding garden parties and various other fundraising activities, they decided to give the ice bucket challenge a go.

The challenge which sees a bucket of ice water being dumped on someone’s head was launched to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encourage donations to research. It went viral on social media in the summer.

Gladys Tranter, aged 99, John O’Neill, 98, Frank Simpkin, 85, Joyce Lyford, 86, Harry Polley, 90 and Marjorie Cheeseman, also aged 90, raised £100 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Jenny Franklin, who works at the care home, said: “They really got in to the spirit of it.

“We jokingly said about doing it and they said okay- and they really, really enjoyed it.

Jenny added: “We didn’t put ice in the buckets. But they are really brave- I didn’t think they would do it; it was said entirely for a joke because the staff would do it.

“But they said ‘we’ll give it a go’, and it’s amazing they joined in.”

Gladys, aged 99, described the ice bucket challenge as ‘great fun- a bit cold, but I really enjoyed it.’