A SWASHBUCKLING weekend of pirate mayhem will be taking place in Weymouth.

The two-day celebration is expected to include around 100 re-enactors across the town who are coming from as far away as Wales and Hampshire to take part.

Pirate battles, songs and tales will be some of the entertainment on offer on Saturday, November 1 and Sunday, November 2.

It is the second Weymouth pirate festival and will raise funds for the Old Town Hall.

Organiser Mark Vine said: “I think there’s a real interest in pirates and that period in history, partly because of Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean but it’s always been in the Dorset psyche.

“There have been some quite famous Dorset pirates, such as Eric Cobham, who was born in Poole and was known for never getting caught. He put this down to his motto ‘dead cats don’t meow’ which means he killed everyone aboard each ship. He had a wife who eventually went mad from the guilt and he made a deathbed confession.”

Pirate band the Dolmen will be leading the entertainment with songs, tales and even a march through town.

A battle for the Tall Ship Pelican against pirates and the Red Coats, pictured, will take place on Saturday, and in the evening the Dolmen will be performing at the Golden Lion.

On Sunday, they will be performing from a boat in Weymouth harbour.

Mr Vine said: “The last pirate festival in April raised more than £900 for the Old Town Hall.

“This is the reason we put on events like this, because it’s entirely self-funded and doesn’t receive any money from other organisations.

“It was handed over by the council to the people of Weymouth.”

Mr Vine is also involved in the Crabchurch Conspiracy re-enactments and events.

He said: “It was a fascinating time and we just want to make people more aware of the history of the place we live in.”