A NEW face has joined a successful dance group for children under five.

The Fizzy Boppers was formed by a group of mums from the Maiden Newton area at the beginning of last year and now runs sessions around Dorchester that attract dozens of children.

Sessions are held at the Dorchester Corn Exchange every Wednesday from 10am, with more than 60 children sometimes attending, and Emma Forde has joined Kim Sibley to help run the event.

To celebrate the group is also launching a new scheme from Monday, November 3 that will offer every family that introduces a new family to any one of their sessions half-price entry not only for themselves but for their friend too. The offer will run until the end of the year.

The group offers high-energy, maximum fun music and dance for children up to five-years-old with action songs which include props and instruments and a themed dance section that changes every ten weeks.

As well as the Dorchester event, Fizzy Boppers run sessions at Maiden Newton and Crossways from 10am on Thursdays and at Netherbury from 9.30am on a Monday.

New member Emma said: “I am so excited to have joined the Fizzy Bopper team.

“I used to go to groups with my two children and really enjoyed it.

“Getting together to plan the next theme is really fun.

“It’s amazing to see how much work goes on behind the scenes!”

One of the original members Kelly Critchell said: “We have been asked many times by our families if Fizzy Boppers is a franchise and we are all extremely proud to say we created the group ourselves and have been so grateful for the support we have received from all the families that attend.

“We are also thankful to SureStart and Comic Relief for the invaluable encouragement and assistance they have offered us’. To find out more about sessions please visit the Fizzy Boppers website at fizzyboppers.co.uk or like the Fizzy Boppers page on Facebook.