DORSET enjoyed unseasonably fine weather this morning - a year to the day the county was battered by one of the worst storms in recent memory.

The St Jude Storm brought hurricane-strength winds on October 27 and 28, 2013, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

Waves smashed against the beaches and cliffs of the Jurassic Coast and inland trees were ripped up and flung across the roads and railways.

It caused major disruption on the morning of Monday, October 28.

One year on and the county was bathing in warm sunshine with temperatures nudging 18 degrees earlier although it has now become overcast.

Visitors flocked to the beach to make the most of the unusually warm weather, with many taking the opportunity to enjoy an ice cream.

Fulvio Figliolini, owner of Rossi's Ice Cream on the Esplanade said they'd been very busy for this time of year.

“It's been wonderful. I'm very happy. Its November next week and I'm back to wearing flip flops and a t-shirt and selling ice creams,” he said.

“I might have to extend my previous idea of when to close for winter but at the moment it's warm and I'm making the most of it.”

Alexandra Gardens Amusement Park was filled with children enjoying their week off from school.

Pete Moore, who works on the ticket booth, said: “It's been busy for the October half term, it's a transformation compared to last year. The weather makes a huge difference down here.”

Lesley Marshall, who works at the Tea Cabin cafe on the Esplanade, said: “It's been very steady here today and we've sold a lot of ice creams.

“It's been nice to see so many people about and to see the beach so packed.”

Rain is forecast for tomorrow however and Thursday will be cloudy but Friday should see a return of the sunshine.