THE weekly shop took a musical turn as shoppers were wowed with an impromptu performance.

Performers from WOW Youth Musical Theatre carried out a flashmob performance of two numbers from their upcoming production of Sister Act at Asda yesterday morning.

The youngsters shocked shoppers in the main foyer of the store along Newstead Road to promote their upcoming show – which runs from Wednesday November 12 to Saturday November 15 at Weymouth Pavilion.

Fern Pritchard will take on the leading role in the upcoming show.

“The flashmob has been great fun to do,” she said. “ We did one a few years ago and everyone seems to enjoy doing it.

“It was actually quite difficult to hear the track and the other singers because of all the background noise, which we’re not used to.

“It’s quite nerve-racking because people haven’t come here to see us and they are not expecting it.

“I think it shocked a lot of them, but hopefully it will let people know about our show as it is not something you see every day.”

WOW is made up of performers between the age of ten and 18 and the group have been awarded accolades of excellence from the National Operatic and Dramatic Association for productions in youth theatre.

President of WOW Janet Stockley said: “Hopefully we have shown everyone a glimpse of what we can do.

“It wasn’t easy because we only had about half of the cast here as a lot of them were either working or busy.

“So a lot of the performers have had to sing other people’s parts and solos, but they all did remarkably well.

“We did a flashmob a couple of years ago here and it was brilliant again this time.

“Asda have always given us a big welcome and helped us out with donations – so we are extremely thankful to them.”

Sister Act is based on the 1992 feel-good musical comedy film starring Whoopi Goldberg and features original music by Oscar-winning composer Alan Menken.

Community champion at Asda Weymouth Sandy West said: “All the kids are fantastic and I think they are very brave to come here and do it, especially on such a miserable day.

“Some of them go on to perform in the West End and I think it’s great that they start here as WOW is a great group for kids to be involved with.”