A DORSET rescue centre has taken in three little 10-week old puppies who were dumped and left to die.

The poor little pooches were hungry, cold and subdued when they were found abandoned in Dorset.

They were picked up by the dog warden and were brought to Margaret Green Animal Rescue’s Lincoln Farm rescue and rehoming centre for dogs near Blandford.

The trio have made a rapid recovery and have been named Teeny, Tom and Tiny by staff at the centre.

Manager at Lincoln Farm Helen Chittock said: “The puppies were initially very cold and subdued but after some much needed TLC from our staff, they soon started to flourish.

“Our vet has aged them at between ten and 12 weeks and they are all in good health, with gentle playful natures. “We think the pups are Lurchers with Deerhound and Greyhound in them and all three are boys.”

Helen said that the young pups were lucky to be alive.

She said: “Teeny, Tom and Tiny had nothing to protect them in the forest and it’s a miracle that they were found so quickly, before any harm could come to them.”

Helen said that the charity was now looking for new owners for the puppies, but urged people to ‘think carefully’ before taking on the responsibility.

She said: “Taking on a dog or a puppy is a huge commitment and the charity is urging people to think carefully.

“All dogs, and particularly puppies, require a huge amount of care. Choosing a pet is a big commitment and there are some important things to consider before making the decision to take on an animal. Please consider your lifestyle and how your new pet is going to fit in.”

Margaret Green Animal Rescue is ideally hoping to home Teeny, Tom and Tiny with families with lots of time to spend with them and an understanding of the needs of sight hounds. The charity also has several older dogs and many other young dogs seeking forever homes at the moment.

If you are interested in rehoming a dog or a puppy from Lincoln Farm, call the centre on 01929 471340 or visit magaretgreenanimalrescue.org.uk