RESIDENTS are continuing to kick up a stink over rotting rubbish not collected in a new waste disposal scheme.

As reported in the Echo, the Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) was inundated with complaints when it first rolled out Recycle for Dorset in Weymouth and Portland last month.

But weeks later, residents are still reporting problems, with rubbish being left to decompose for weeks – and one man says he is ready to stage a revolt.

Disabled Guy Poingdestre, who has assisted collection, says food waste, general rubbish and recycling h as not been collected for more than a fortnight and is now starting to decompose.

Mr Poingdestre, from Abbotsbury Road, says he is considering two routes of protest; either he will chain himself to the railings of the DWP depot, or he will leave the rubbish outside the council offices.

Refuse workers will no longer take rubbish from the back of his property because a ‘low, narrow metal arch’ is said to be unsafe.

But Mr Poingdestre says he has to carry it through the house and leave it on the kerbside where white lines and railings prevent the waste trucks from stopping.

“It is not just me this is happening to. I am one of hundreds. I have had enough and I am revolting.

“DWP said, via the Dorset Echo, that it would sort out this mess by the end of the week and that was three weeks ago.

“If this carries on I will take an Echo cameraman and I will deposit my rotting rubbish on the council’s doorstep.

“Or I will chain myself to the railings of the depot gate. I don’t care. This will be sorted out.”

A DWP spokesman said: “Keeping the bins at the rear of the property means the crew have to go down an unmade track and bring the bins through a low, narrow metal arch in the garden, which we deemed to be unsafe.

“We wrote to Mr Poingdestre informing him of this and arranged to move his bins to the front of the property, where we would carry out the assisted collection. We received no reply.

“A supervisor has since visited the property and found the bins moved to the back.”

Meanwhile, Julie Adshead, who lives on Chapelhay Street, has slammed DWP because rubbish was not collected for five weeks.

Ms Adshead said the food waste bin had been collected once since October 13 but other waste, general rubbish, recycling and glass was not collected from her street.

Ms Adshead said she has contacted the partnership ‘almost every day’ to get the issue resolved.

“They have collected the rubbish from every other street near ours like Love Lane and Franchise Street, but not ours,” she said.

“They originally fobbed me off for so long. They kept saying to me “we will collect it in a few days” but they never did. It was so hard not to take it out on the poor people in the office but it was ridiculous.”

Ms Adshead also criticised DWP for sending her extra blue bin-bags to put her rubbish in as a way of dealing with the issue.

She added: “The seagulls soon got into it and then the rubbish was all over the street, which we had to pick up.

“The whole issue is ridiculous. For nobody to get back to me or for nobody to come and pick it up for five weeks is really bad.”

The rubbish was finally cleared earlier this week and a spokesman for DWP apologised to Ms Adshead for the ‘confusion.’