The Commonwealth War Graves Commission wants to pay for the installation of flower beds in front of the town’s war graves.

Once the beds are planted the responsibility for their upkeep will fall to the town council – but it is a job staff are prepared to do.

Bridport Town Council surveyor Daryl Chambers showed images from the commission to councillors at the finance and general purposes committee. He said: “I think they look fantastic. As you go up the driveway on the right hand side on the green it will be a stunning part of the approach.”

Cllr Geoff Ackerman said he wholeheartedly supported the idea.

A spokesman for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission said: “The commission is undertaking a project to upgrade war graves and, where it is feasible, it is looking to upgrade groups of ten or more headstones into formal plots, with border planting and an area of turf to the front. “The war graves at Bridport Cemetery are considered suitable for upgrading in this way . All renovation costs and ongoing maintenance would be met by the Commission. The Commission’s South West region has now more than 40 such plots.”