A MOTORIST is seeing red over apparent problems with a traffic light in Weymouth.

Pete Smith has complained to Dorset County Council over claims there is a fault with the signal at the junction of Dorchester Road and the turning to Morrisons supermarket.

The council maintains there is nothing wrong with the equipment, which is designed ‘to manage traffic flows’.

Mr Smith says the filter arrow directing drivers to turn right into Morrisons doesn’t always come on, causing drivers who are left at the centre of the junction to ‘panic’.

He has witnessed drivers reversing to avoid blocking the junction, or edging forward nervously to turn, unsure of whether they have the right of way.

Drivers are being forced to perform ‘illegal manoeuvres’ on a daily basis says Mr Smith, who believes it could lead to a serious accident.

Former pub landlord Mr Smith, who was a vocal opponent of the Weymouth Transport Package, is urging other drivers who are caught out to report it to DCC.

A council spokesman said the detection equipment for the filter will only activate if there is more than one car queuing to turn right into Morrisons.

The spokesman said: “If only one vehicle passes over the area, and sits beyond it further in the middle of the junction, it will not raise a green arrow. That vehicle can turn during the amber-red phase.

“If on a green light, a vehicle moves forward and stops on the detection area for a pre-determined length of time, it will call a green arrow – if the vehicle moves off before the pre-programmed time, it will cancel the demand for an arrow.”

She added: “Under normal circumstances, a vehicle should sit in the middle to turn right, beyond the detection area. If another car comes up behind, it should move up behind and its placement will call a demand for a green arrow. Under those conditions, the filter allows for a number of vehicles to be given right-of-way.”

She said an engineer had checked out the equipment and it was working correctly.

Mr Smith said the explanation was ‘unsatisfactory’ and said it was ‘disgraceful’ the council had refused to recognise there is a problem.