It is now clear that Weymouth & Portland Borough Council environment committee is possessed of a breathtaking arrogance in recommending that the proposals for the Weymouth Pavilion complex be accepted by the full council. This in the face of expert opinion and local feeling - however emotive that might be - that the proposals will be detrimental to the town.

The question now in my mind is whether the council as a whole has at the heart of its concerns the views of the residents of Weymouth: the history, culture, ecology and economic well-being of the town; or the financial interests of Howard Holdings and investment opportunities for yet more second-home owners.

I sincerely hope that we the people have had the sense to elect a majority of councillors with the humility to understand their duty in representing the views of the people.

I would urge all W&PBC residents to continue to make their views known, with all the force of persuasion allowed by the democratic process, in the hope that W&PBC will come to recognise that it is indeed a democratic process.

Dr Ian Sedwell Greenhill Weymouth