Hollyoaks actor Cameron Moore has said he would like his alter-ego to develop a stronger relationship with his brother.

Cameron Campbell, played by the actor in the Channel 4 soap, was revealed as the mystery hit and run driver responsible for the deaths of girlfriend Leela Lomax’s (Kirsty-Leigh Porter) parents Danny (Stephen Billington) and Sam (Lizzie Roper).

A picture of Sam and Danny Lomax in Hollyoaks
Sam and Danny Lomax were both killed in the crash (Handout)

Cameron is now hoping that the storyline can move on, so the character can forge a bond with his elder brother Lockie, played by Nick Rhys.

“I hope he can shake off the Danny and Sam stuff, so hopefully develop more with Nick Rhys, who plays Lockie, my brother,” he said.

“And hopefully he can relax into it a lot more without this dark cloud of what he’s done hanging over him, but it does add to the drama of the character.”

Nick Rhys as Lockie Campbell in Hollyoaks
Nick plays Cameron’s screen brother Lockie (Lime Pictures)

The star, who lost out to EastEnders’ Maddy Hill in the newcomer category at the National Television Awards, admitted he doesn’t know what TV bosses have in store for his character.

“The writers give you the arc to a degree, but everything is subject to change. So who knows where I’ll be in three months? I’m genuinely intrigued to know,” he explained.