A BID to erect a phone mast in Abbotsbury as part of a £150million government project has caused concern amongst local residents.

An application has been lodged with West Dorset District Council to install the 20-metre high mast just 500 metres from the centre of the village.

The proposal is part of the government's Mobile Infrastructure Project (MIP), which aims to tackle 'not spots' where communities have no mobile coverage.

The application has prompted more than 30 comments, many from local residents who are concerned about the visual impact of the scheme and claim they already have signal in the village.

Concerns are also raised about the health implications of the mast.

Abbotsbury resident Andrew Green said: “There seems to be some sort of myth that there is no signal in the village, but everyone who lives here knows this is untrue.”

One of the local residents commenting on the online application states: “It would ruin the landscape and built heritage of the village, be bad for the health of everyone who lives her and would cause a large reduction in property prices.”