QUEEN legend Brian May is considering as standing as an independent candidate in the upcoming election - and it could be in Dorset.

The lead guitarist, who shot to fame with the rock band in the 1970s, has grown increasingly “frustrated” at the current political system and is now thinking of standing in the general election in May.

He hasn't confirmed where he will stand, but a spokesman for the musician did confirm he would be campaigning with the group he launched last year, Common Decency, after his current European Tour with Queen + Adam Lambert finishes at the end of this month.

Dr May owns land in Dorset and has strong family connections to the county. Speculation over where he could stand includes in West Dorset, where Conservative politician Oliver Letwin holds the seat, or in Mid-Dorset and North Poole, a seat held by Liberal Democrat Annette Brooke.

A seat in Surrey has also been mentioned.

A spokesman for Dr May and the Common Decency Campaign said: “Brian is currently on tour with Queen.

“He has been asked on many occasions to stand as an MP and has considered it fully.

“On most occasions to date he has decided his endeavours in relation to parliament are best served through currently standing MPs.

“However, as the political climate changes Brian's frustration at a system, that he sees as failing the electorate, may be the deciding factor.

“The Common Decency campaign has been set up to support the electorate in their decision making process and once returned from tour Brian will be campaigning with Common Decency.”

Dr May launched Common Decency last year with the intention of encouraging people who feel disengaged with the political process to use their vote.

He says that instead of the two big parties dominating the House of Commons, it should be full of independent MPs and small parties, and that's what his movement intends to do.

Dr May and his team are currently in the process of creating a website dedicated to the campaign, and it all also have in-depth information about all the 650 MPs that sit in the House of Commons.

It will also include charts to show the majority the MPs gained in their constituencies and how many people didn't vote, to show people how important their vote is.

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He has been a vocal campaigner in protests at the Badger Cull introduced in October 2013, and he also launched his Save me Project the same year, to establish a new native woodland on a 157-acre site near Bere Regi.

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