STUDENTS at Radipole Primary School, pictured left, will be getting their hands on new books thanks to a £1,500 grant.

The grant to help give pupils access to the accelerated reading programme that has already given students at Wey Valley and St Nicholas and St Laurence primary schools a new enthusiasm for reading, was awarded by the ASPECT Trust.

The Trust is based at the Wey Valley campus and the grant will give students access to new books for all abilities, from bestsellers to brand new copies of the old classics.

Rob Cole, from the ASPECT Trust said: “Trustees are very pleased to support pupils and staff at Radipole Primary School, and hope the accelerated reading programme will take off there in the same way it has at Wey Valley and St Nicholas and St Laurence.

“This innovative scheme involves students in taking an on-line quiz to test their understanding of what they have read every time they finish a book, and the youngsters seem to love it.”

Nearly 400 students on the campus have taken part in the reading programme since October, 2014, with nearly 2,000 books or 40 million words read.

Headteacher at Radipole Primary School Veronique Singer said: “We are delighted to receive this grant which will bolster our reading resources and provide new support for the children's literacy projects. We hope to expand the programme to include lower year groups.”