“What next for Hardy and Miller. We’ll have to wait for series three to find out.”

That was the bombshell that Broadchurch series two finished on, as it was confirmed there will be a third season of the smash-hit ITV show.

The show, the final one in an eight-part series, had been a rollercoaster from start to finish as the trial of Joe Miller for the murder of Danny Latimer seemingly concluded.

Viewers also saw Claire Ashworth, Lee Ashworth and Ricky Gillespie arrested and charged for the murders of Pippa and Lisa, DI Alec Hardy’s previous case in Sandbrook.

The show started with a bang as Joe Miller was found not guilty of the murder of Danny Latimer by the jury. He was then kidnapped by Danny’s dad Mark Latimer and his friend Nige Carter as he sat in a church.

In the final segment of the show, Joe Miller was seen in intense showdown talks with his wife DS Ellie Miller and Danny’s parents, Mark and Beth, where they told him he was to leave Broadchurch and never return.

He was then put in a taxi, and viewers were told he would be going to a halfway house in Sheffield.

With the Sandbrook case, Claire Ashworth was seen being arrested by DI Alec Hardy at Wessex Crown Court, before her husband Lee and Ricky Gillespie were then arrested.

All three were seen confessing their part in the murder of the two young girls.

The show ended with Mark, Beth and Ellie on the beach with all of their children, and DI Hardy getting into a taxi.

The taxi driver then asked him where he was going, and the show ended with DI Hardy thoughtfully looking out to the distance, before the final credits rolled.