A NEW craze of filming friends hurling themselves into hedges has arrived in Dorchester.

Two short films of 'hedging' - a fad sweeping the globe via the Internet - have appeared on the website YouTube.

Town mayor Robin Potter and ward councillor Molly Rennie today condemned the stupidity of the acts.

In both videos on the website youths howl with laughter as friends leap into hedges and tumble - sometimes head-first - to the ground.

One two-minute film, entitled The Dorchester Hedge Massacre, features hedging' in the Weatherbury Way area of town.

The other is set in the Borough Gardens - with youths throwing themselves from the top of a leafy 10-foot tree.

West Dorset district councillor Molly Rennie represents residents of Weatherbury Way.

She said: "I can't believe how stupid they have been. They don't know what's in the hedge. It could have wooden stakes in it. This area is usually so quiet.

"The fact they are filming themselves makes it worse because they are encouraging others to do it. It's a perfect example of having no respect for other people's property."

Dorchester mayor Robin Potter was shocked to see the Borough Gardens film.

He said: "They're being very silly. Of course, apart from the damage to the trees there's the damage they could do to themselves.

"There's a lot of damage being done to the hedge when they pull each other over it."

The YouTube website allows users to comment on videos.

One on The Dorchester Hedge Massacre reads: 'You have ruined many hedges in the residence of Weatherbury Way in particular.

'Having foolishly written your names at the end of this video I am aware of who you are, and in fact being local to the area I do know some of your parents.

'If this type of behaviour is seen to occur again the police and the relevant parents will be notified.' Other comments on the videos include 'You guys rule!!!!', 'You sad people' and 'Ah, good old Dorch'.

The only comment on the Borough Gardens Hedge Jumping is: 'Sorry to be harsh, but that was probably the lamest hedge jumping I have ever seen. Try again.' Inspector Les Fry of Dorchester Police said: "We will be speaking to all the individuals to give them appropriate advice - in conjunction with their parents.

"We are not aware of any formal complaints made at this time."