THE front page article Hedge of destruction' (March 21) referred to youths indulging in the new craze of hedging' and filming their antics on mobile phones.

'I am wondering if the new craze is actually filming their bad behaviour rather than the deeds themselves and that the youth of today are simply thinking of new antics to impress their viewers.

Yesterday at about 6.15pm I was staggered to come across two boys aged about 14 - 16 in a field near the Charminster Depot who were deliberately allowing their Jack Russell terrier to chase and worry sheep that are about to lamb.

They were then filming the proceedings and the startled animals on their mobile phones.

The fact that these boys were out yesterday (March 21) evening with a Jack Russell should make them easy to identify.

If their parents read this letter, I hope that some sense can be installed in them and that the boys are deeply ashamed of what they have done.