Some years back, when the Portland Police Station on Castle Road was being closed, we were assured that a station would be established at the Southwell Business Park, and a telephone number was provided.

Once or twice, when I required the services of the police, I tried ringing the number. All I ever got was a fax machine.

More recently, the Chief Constable assured us that a new police station was to be provided in the SWRDA building, off Victoria Square.

Today I needed to report a matter to the police and so attended the building.

On it was sign: Dorset Police'. Beneath it was written: Office Not Open to the Public'. And there was certainly no one there.

In the words of a famous television character: "I don't believe it!"

I note from my recent council tax demand, that the Dorset Police Force is costing us council tax payers over £45 million this year (this is on top of the money they receive which is taken from us from central taxation).

When are we, on Portland, going to get something for our money?

Mike Boyce, Portland.