I suspect that the Echo's 'Over the Hill' columnist Chris Hubbard and I would make the ideal couple.

Having spent a lifetime's career being 'civil' and diplomatic to people I feel my impending three score years and 10 should herald some enjoyable changes - so grumpy old woman is about to emerge.

The next time a bus driver makes a getaway 'grand prix' style before allowing me to sit down safely he can expect the crook of my walking stick nestling round his neck.

After enduring a ride on seats that only allow for two size 10 people but having to share with a disgruntled size 20, who has to sit with one cheek hanging over the edge with me on her shopping, it's a relief to get off - but ah ha, the driver has the last laugh.

Just when you think its safe to stand up, he stamps on the brake once more. Thank God for chiropractors.

Whilst I am having a moan about buses, can we have some thicker foam seat pads when the next upholstering budget is due for review.

Or is comfort frowned upon under some little-known Government legislation?

I nearly forgot, the driver checking my bus pass had me thinking I didn't look my age - until he removed the crinkled photo, it could have been next door's dog or George the III, I'm just so grateful its free.

Mrs.'Rock Ape', Weymouth.