GOLDEN couple Irene and Denis Mears will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary watching Irish folk duo Foster and Allen at the Weymouth Pavilion.

But they are suspicious that their children might have some other surprises in store.

Mr Mears said: "Our children have bought us the tickets but they're planning something else in the week, from what I can gather.

"They're up to something but they're keeping it all under wraps."

The pair met at a fairground in Camberley while Mr Mears was serving in the army and stationed at Sandhurst.

He said: "We went out a few times and it carried on from there. When I left the army she followed me down to Weymouth."

They got married at the registry office in Weymouth and Denis, 74, and Irene, 73, have lived in the town ever since. They have three children - Patricia, Robert and Monique, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.