BOSSES at a Dorset golf club fear recent floods have highlighted problems they will face if a road is closed as part of the Weymouth Relief Road scheme.

Roads chiefs at Dorset County Council are proposing to close the access route off the A354 to Broadmayne as part of the latest design for the relief road.

Club manager Julie Fry warned in December that members from Weymouth would face a long diversion if the junction was shut. Now she says that recent floods on Herringston Road have highlighted other problems the club will face if the A354 junction is closed up.

In a letter to Dorset County Council, Mrs Fry said: 'The Winterborne in the vicinity of the narrow humpback bridge at Winterborne Herringston overflowed into the already waterlogged adjacent fields and flooded the road, making it all but impossible to pass.

'Traffic using this busy minor road between Preston and Dorchester, past the golf course, diverted on to and from the A354 by means of the Broadmayne Road junction.

'Access to and from the golf club was also achieved by this route. Had the access been closed as proposed, our only means of access would have been through Broadmayne village or Preston. This would be an unacceptable situation should an emergency occur.

'We consider that this recent flooding and road closure has reinforced our contention that the Broadmayne Road junction must not be closed.' Mrs Fry said she hopes that the issues raised will be considered in the report on the relief road. Dorset County Council's planning committee is to discuss the plan on April 5.