A MUM whose teenage daughter was stabbed by a man at a bus stop has spoken of her family's frustration after his sentencing was delayed yet again.

Michelle Teague's daughter Charlotte was one of three schoolgirls attacked by knifeman Ian Ruby as she got off a bus in Bridport last summer.

Ruby, 19, was told at Dorchester Crown Court yesterday he will be transferred to Broadmoor Hospital for further assessment before being sentenced.

Ms Teague said the constant delays in the case - which has already been adjourned for psychiatric reports - are taking their toll on Charlotte.

"We're really frustrated," she said. "There have been so many delays when it has been adjourned to find out what's wrong with him.

"We have to keep going back over it all again, and Charlotte cannot get closure."

Ms Teague, 39, said her daughter, now 15, is very wary and selective about which men she will be around.

"She doesn't like anyone hugging her or anything like that because Ruby grabbed hold of her, put his arm around her, before he attacked her," she said.

"The delays aren't helping her. She came today to get closure, hear him being sentenced and know that he is off the streets.

"But nothing has been settled so it's just frustrating waiting. We just have to get through it."

Ms Teague is angry that it has taken months for Charlotte to receive therapy, while Ruby was treated immediately.

She added: "Charlotte's only receiving counselling now - seven months later. It was decided she needed emergency treatment with a psychologist immediately afterwards but that didn't happen until February this year.

"Ruby has been getting help straight away and that's not fair."

Judge John Harrow placed Ruby under an interim hospital order after hearing medical consultants believe the 19-year-old has Asperger's Syndrome and potential psychopathic disorders.

He said: "Because of your psychiatric condition, or potential psychiatric condition, you will shortly be moved to Broadmoor Hospital as soon as a place is available for you."

Unemployed Ruby, formerly of Court Close, Bridport, launched his attack as he and the girls got off the bus in East Street on August 23 last year.

He plunged his knife into Charlotte's chest and abdomen, puncturing her lung, and stabbed Kirsty Edwards, 17, in her back and stomach and Sophie Hyne, 15, in the face and upper body.

The girls were seriously hurt and helped by passers-by before being rushed to Dorset County Hospital for treatment.

A nationwide manhunt was launched, and Ruby was caught three days later after going to a hospital in Surrey with a cut to his finger, sustained during the attack. Police found him carrying a holdall containing a machete, balaclava, nylon temporary handcuffs, tape and a selection of knives.

Ruby admitted three charges of wounding with intent and possessing a knife and a machete last November. He will appear before Dorchester Crown Court again on June 13 for sentencing.