Many thousands of men and women served in HM Forces as volunteers in the years after the last war and up until 1972. I for my part served nine years in the Royal Navy.

A certain percentage of our pay was deducted to provide for a pension but alas all those that left the Forces prior to 1972 (when the pension rules changed) have not received any pension at all.

Many attempts have been made by ex-Forces members over the last few years to rectify this situation but the Government has not seen fit to honour those that have served their country.

Now there is a new move afoot by way of Parliamentary Early Day Motion No.67 put forward by MP Colin Challen that seeks to have all ex-servicemen and women treated equally regarding pensions, regardless of when they served in Her Majesty's Armed Forces.

I would urge anybody that has served in any of the Armed Forces prior to 1972 and has not received their rightful entitlement, to write to their MP and get him/her to support EDM67 as soon as possible so that this injustice can be put right.

David R. Oickle, Normandy Way, Old Poundbury, Dorchester.