A GARDEN in Sutton Poyntz is proving to become somewhat of a haven for birds after a variety of species were recorded flocking to it.

Janet Craig took a photo of this mallard (above) visiting her garden earlier this week whilst Dorset enjoyed some overdue spring sunshine.

Janet said: “They just sit on the roof. (The mallard) was actually looking at his mate who was sleeping on the ground.”

Whilst this mallard may be sitting on the fence, Ms Craig has no doubts he is one of many to have taken up a short residency.

She said: “The ducks come down ever year and they sort of stay for three months until they get the little ones. They’re in and out.

“When they see me, they fly down expecting something.”

Janet said they normally get two pairs of mallards at a time but sometimes it can be six or even eight.

She said she found it strange that such a large number of water birds were visiting her garden.

Janet said: “I belong to the Sutton Poyntz Biodiversity Group and every month we count the birds.

“Most months I’ve got 26 species, which is quite a lot.

“I’ve got a lot of trees and the garden was built for wildlife. I feed the birds and we’ve just gotten friendly.”

In the past, Janet has also recorded visits from robins, blue tits, blackbirds, chiffchaffs and, more recently, a moorhen.