CROWDS flocked to Poundbury as HRH Prince Charles visited the area to open a local charity.

Hundreds of well-wishers caught a glimpse of Prince Charles as he declared the Poundbury Cancer Institute officially open.

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During his visit he also handed the keys over to a local family who moved into the 250th home constructed by The Guinness Partnership.

The aim of the Poundbury Cancer Institute is to aid the identification of the most effective treatment for individual cancer patients.

It also seeks to improve the speed of diagnosis and the ability to implement appropriate treatment quickly and effectively.

The Institute hosts the Cancer Diagnostic Quality Assurance Services (CADQAS), an independent not-for-profit organisation which works with the pharmaceutical and analytical industry to implement new cancer tests across the UK.

The institute will offer training to other NHS laboratories and pathology services to ensure a spread of best practice across the UK.

Mr Keith Miller, director of CADQAS CIC said: "This unique combination of activities taking place at Poundbury Cancer Institute will assist with the design and delivery of personalised medicine across the UK.

"It's marvellous that we have had the visit from Prince Charles. He has helped put the cancer institute on the map."

Dr Saleem Taibjee from Dorset County Hospital, which is working with the institute said: "Dorset has one of the highest incidences of melanoma cancer across Europe. There is a desperate need to dermatologists here.

"The news of the Prince's visit has probably accelerated our work here by a couple of months. "

During Prince Charles' visit he was also given presents and good-will messages following the birth of his granddaughter Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

The Dunford family, from Bridport, were officially handed the keys by the Prince, who marked the families move into their new home.

The Prince met Nathan and Sarah Dunford, along with three of their four children; Samantha, 17, Alicia, ten, and Thomas, two.

The Guinness Partnership was founded in 1890 by Sir Edward Guinness and is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year.

The Partnership has been involved in developing and managing homes in Poundbury since 1993, completed its 100th home there in 2005 and celebrated 20 years at Poundbury in 2014.

Margaret Morrissey chairwoman of the management Committee in Poundbury said: "It's been a wonderful visit and a great celebration. We all work together and live as a community here.

"I did congratulate Charles on the birth of his granddaughter and told him he needs to bring her here sometime. He told us she was very beautiful."

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