WILDLIFE fans are celebrating as birds of prey settle into a nest after being struck by tragedy.

Enthusiasts had been following the progress of a family of kestrels thanks to a webcam set up at Lorton Meadows Nature Reserve in Weymouth.

Dorset Wildlife Trust which runs the site said the webcam was hugely popular as people were able to watch the nesting kestrels live.

Tragedy struck earlier this year however when the female kestrel died before her six eggs were due to hatch.

The webcam, managed and provided by Wildlife Windows, was taken down.

Staff and visitors kept their fingers crossed that a new female would move into the territory.

They were delighted when a new female appeared in the last few days and paired up with the male. The first egg of the new clutch was seen and a further three eggs have since been laid.

The webcam has been switched on again so wildlife enthusiasts can continue to follow the progress.

Megan Shersby, Seasonal Assistant for DWT, said: “After the very sad loss of the previous female, we are thrilled by this turnaround.

"It really is fantastic news and we hope everyone will take a look to see their progress.

"It is so wonderful to watch how the pair interact with each other, as the male can be seen bringing food to the female and they take turns caring for the eggs.

"The webcam is an amazing opportunity to see the natural world close-up and witness first-hand these kestrels rearing their young.”

The kestrel pair and their nest can be watched onscreen live at the Lorton Meadows Conservation Centre, and online at www.dorsetwildlifetrust.org.uk/kescam

Also track their progress with DWT’s social media, on Twitter @DorsetWildlife and facebook/dorsetwildlife. Find out more about events at Lorton Meadows at www.dorsetwildlifetrust.org.uk/events or phone 01305 816546.