HOLLYWOOD heartthrob Colin Firth kept fans waiting as he filmed scenes for a new movie on Portland.

The Oscar winner was at Chesil Cove yesterday to shoot scenes for an upcoming film, in which he plays the role of doomed yachtsman Donald Crowhurst.

Crowds gathered at The Cove House Inn in Chiswell, trying to catch as glimpse of Firth.

Some had been waiting all afternoon but the actor didn't arrive until early evening.

The film, with the title yet to be revealed, is a tale of ambition, adventure, madness and tragedy that follows the true story of Crowhurst, whose attempt to circumnavigate the world solo ended in catastrophe.

Jackie Breakspear, joint owner of The Cove House Inn said: "It's great publicity for Portland.

"We were asked to host a room for him but unfortunately we were unable to.

"The film crews and security have been really good with us.

"A lot of people, including myself, have been waiting all afternoon for him to arrive.

"People have come and enjoyed the sunshine, a glass of wine and some food while they waited so it has been great for us.

"David Cameron was here last year too after the storms. He held my granddaughter and I got a great shot of him. We get them all here."

Best known for his role as Mr Darcy in an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice but also known as the star of many big films, Firth is also thought to be filming in Portland Harbour this week.

There were shouts and screams from the crows as Firth appeared at Chesil Cove around 6pm dressed in a yellow Sou'wester. A set had been built on the promenade and Firth filmed a scene where he climbs the mast of a yacht in a storm.

Crews shot the scene three times while crowds waited patiently hoping he would inch a bit closer and give them a better glimpse.

Portland resident Kim Stone said: "I've been here since one waiting for him.

"We heard rumours that he would be arriving at two and thought we would head on down but once we were here we couldn't leave.

"I wouldn't have forgiven myself if I had missed him.

"My friend saw him in the Harbour Lights bar last month and I was unbelievably jealous."

Weymouth resident Molly Saint said: "I've been working all day and I was devastated when I thought I had missed him, but my friend rang me just as I was finishing work and said he would be there any minute.

"At first I didn't believe it was him; he looks really different in real life.

"I'll definitely be going to see the film when it comes out and see how they have used the set and the filming from a beautiful day like today into a stormy nightmare.

"I'll be boasting to everyone about today."