AN EVER growing dance group for babies and toddlers has welcomed its 2,000th member in less than two-and-a-half years.

The Fizzy Boppers group was set up in January 2013 to offer high energy, fun-filled sessions for youngstes up to the age of five.

At a recent session at the the Corn Exchange in Dorchester, Beckie Dickenson from Weymouth became the 2,000th person to attend a session when she came along with 20-month-old daughter Rosie and four-month-old son Henry.

She said: "We haven't lived in the area long but so far have found everyone really friendly and Fizzy Boppers is no exception."

To mark their landmark attendance, Beckie and her children will get their next session free in recognition of Fizzy Boppers' achievement.

The group, now a Community Interest Company, was set up by mums Georgie Easton, Julia Dodds, Kelly Critchell and Kim Sibley from Maiden Newton.

They now have support from other mums including Sarah Ridout, Emma De Feria and Emma Moore.

The team said: "When we first began Fizzy Boppers we were just looking for an energetic activity to do with our own children in our local area.

"We have all been utterly overwhelmed and amazed by the tremendous amount of support we have had over the last two and a half years.

"We have been fortunate to have so many wonderful families attending each week, as well as support from the local SureStart team, who have encouraged us wholeheartedly along our journey."

The sessions combine catchy action songs with props and instruments and a themed dance section that changes every ten weeks.

So far Fizzy Boppers have dance to salsa, country and western, music from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s and music from around the world.

They have also taken a trip upon the open waves and blasted into space and they will soon be launching an expedition to the rainforest.

Following the success of the original Maiden Newton group, Fizzy Boppers has expanded to offer sessions in Netherbury, Dorchester and Crossways. As well as celebrating the 2,000th attendee, Fizzy Boppers is also delighted to announce it will be opening a brand new group in Bridport.

Sessions will be run at the Bridport Youth Centre on Tuesdays from September 8.

For more information visit, email or ‘like’ the Fizzy Boppers Facebook page.