A COUNCIL crackdown will target people trying to drop-off anywhere near Bournemouth Airport or leaving their cars in country lanes while they go on holiday.

A whole host of new parking restrictions are proposed for the roads in the immediate vicinity of Bournemouth Airport at Hurn, which will ban anyone from waiting, loading or unloading in the area.

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The proposed changes will affect the airport service road, Hurn Court Lane, Mill Lane, Parley Lane and Pussex Lane and are currently the subject of a consultation period.

Dorset County Council said the restrictions were proposed because there was an "ongoing issue of inappropriate waiting on the B3073 Parley Lane associated with the picking up and dropping off of airport passengers."

The airport controversially charges £2.50 for people entering their land to collect or drop off passengers, however brief the stop, and some people try to avoid this charge by parking outside of the restricted zone.

The council said the problems would also be exacerbated with the relocation of Parkfield School to the site in September 2016.

Victoria Herbert, a resident of Mill Lane, said she and her neighbour had suffered problems with holidaymakers leaving their cars in the verges outside their houses while they went on holiday.

"It is irritating," she said. "We don't really get people trying to drop off here but it is increasingly common for people to leave their cars here for a week or two weeks. There have been incidents of criminal damages to cars left here too.

"I think I am probably for the new restrictions because it is a real problem for us."

But Todd Sadler, the owner of Dorset Smokery in Hurn Court Lane, had a different view. He said they occasionally had delivery drivers who didn't want to drive up the narrow lane to get to their smokery and instead waited at the entrance of the lane for his staff to come to them.

"We simply won't be able to do this if the no waiting restrictions are put in place and so that will affect our business," he said. "You often see massive lorries waiting to get into the quarry there too, what will they do?

"My message to Dorset County Council would be to drop it completely. We don't want it and it's going to cause us problems."

Details of the proposals can be found online at dorsetforyou.com/trafficregulationorders. Anyone wishing to comment on the proposals needs to do so by July 31.