CLET who's back, back again- somefin special is happening off Portland.

Clet the dolphin, who travels all around the UK, has been spotted once again visiting our shores.

The bottlenose dolphin was seen near Portland Port on Tuesday and was playing in the harbour.

The dolphin has been identified as Clet due to the distinctive scarring on his fin.

He was spotted by Portland Harbour Authority who quickly snapped this picture.

He is famous for his solitary nature and the fact he likes to travel long distances, leading to him being spotted all around the UK.

He was last spotted off Portland in March before being sighted off the Cornish coast in June.

He was seen off Manor Marine by crew on boats as well as people at Portland Port.

Olly Jones, who spotted the dolphin whilst working on a boat in Portland, said Clet was in a playful mood.

He said: “He’s just sat on the surface.

“It’s brilliant, he’s just sat there watching me.

“He’s just on the surface of the water, he’s about two feet away from me. “

The name Clet was first coined for the dolphin when he was caught following fishing boats in Britanny in 2008.

He has made headlines for all the wrong reasons in the past after he was caught showing aggressive behaviour towards swimmers off the coast of Ireland.

Peter Timsley, manager of living seas at the Dorset Wildlife Trust, said Clet’s isolated nature isn't that rare.

He said: “They're fairly rare but there’s a long history of isolated dolphins hanging around people.

“[Records of] this sort of this goes back to Ancient Greece.”

He did say that Clet returning to Portland is a bit unusual.

Mr Timsley said that there has been a lot of debate over why there are some solitary dolphins, which usually travel in groups known as pods, with one theory that they may have been outcast from their group.

Before his last visit, the travelling dolphin was spotted off Scotland in November last year and was off the Isle of Man in December.

The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust, which is based on the Isle of Mull, Scotland has been tracking Clet’s journey around the country.

Here is a video captured by the Portland Harbour Authority when Clet visited the area




Clet is not the areas only famous dolphin visitor, with Randy the Dolphin visiting the waters off Weymouth and Portland in 2002.

On that occasion thousands of people flocked to the borough to to swim with the friendly dolphin.