LICENSING bosses have requested more information on plans to run a new pedal-powered taxi service in Bournemouth.

The application to bring "CityCruiser" vehicles to Bournemouth for sightseeing tours was recently considered by the council's licensing committee.

But they said they wanted to see more detailed information about how the scheme operates around the country and further technical information before a decision could be made.

The proposal was drawn up by Gergely Kosis, who wants to operate two pedal and electric powered CityCruiser tricycles along a number of routes, including routes between Westbourne and Boscombe and the cycle patch through the Gardens along Surrey Road.

Mr Kosis' application to Bournemouth council said the tariffs proposed for Bournemouth are based upon £2.20 for every 1,000 metres. He said this would mean a half-hour VeloTour for two adults would cost £12.40.

His proposal to the council said there were many other rickshaw-type services offered across the UK, including in Hereford, South Lakeland, Durham, Cornwall, Edinburgh, Shrewsbury, Scarborough, London and York.

Cllr Andrew Morgan, chair of the council's licensing board, said: "He's going to come back to us with some information about his plans, particularly the technical specification of the vehicles.

"But we really admired his initiative and dynamism and we think the idea has got potential, we just need a few more details.

"If we were to go ahead with something like that, it would have to be along strictly defined routes, we couldn't have a situation where you have a free-for-all. But in a coastal area like ours, the scheme has the potential to work quite well.

"A tourism town should always be looking to try something new and he was in no way disappointed by our decision to defer the application. With something like this we would want to make sure it is properly regulated from the start, with a proper transparent pricing procedure."