THE South West’s Green MEP has claimed the government’s ‘misinformed and ideological’ opposition to renewable technologies is destroying thousands of potential jobs.

Dr Molly Scott Cato, the first elected Green MEP for the South West of England and Gibraltar, is one of 50 Green MEPs in the European Parliament.

She sits on the Economics and Monetary Affairs Committee.

Dr Scott Cato has asked the European Commission whether recent proposed changes to subsidies and planning laws that will affect renewable energy generators breach EU competition law.

She believes that the decision to impose the Climate Change Levy (CCL) on renewable generators is ‘illogical and punitive’ and that enhanced powers to challenge planning for windfarms is not matched by similar powers to challenge fracking.

Dr Scott Cato is also questioning why subsidies for wind turbines are being removed and subsidies for solar power being reviewed, while huge subsidies for nuclear power continue.

She said: “Member states have the right to choose their energy mix, but treaty law suggests this must be done within a framework of fair competition.

“A desire to pander to the fossil fuel and nuclear dinosaur industries is distorting the market and undermining the renewables industry.”

In a written question to the EU competition commissioner, Dr Scott Cato challenges whether the commission was consulted by the UK government over proposed changes to the CCL and whether the freedom for the government to choose its energy mix is in conflict with its obligations to meet mandatory carbon reduction targets.

Dr Scott Cato added: “I am hoping that the commission fully acknowledge the terrible negative impacts these policy changes will have on renewable generators and that these changes can be challenged and reversed through unfair competition rules.”