A WOMAN described by her family as a 'loving daughter' took her own life by jumping off a cliff, a coroner ruled.

Jess Pulteney died when she fell from East Cliff at West Bay on December 10, last year.

An inquest into the 26-year-old's death was held yesterday, with Coroner for Dorset Sherriff Payne determining she had taken her own life.

Dr Joan McCutcheon, from the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, reported that the cause of death was multiple injuries following the fall.

The inquest heard how four golfers at Bridport and West Dorset Golf Club had seen Ms Pulteney close to the cliff edge.

Peter May, from Swyre, said he called out for her to be careful near the edge before she "rolled forward".

Ms Pulteney, from Exeter, left behind a notebook, made up of diary entries and notes for her loved ones – along with a key to a room at the West Bay Hotel, where she had been staying.

Enclosed in the notebook was a letter written by clinical psychologist Birdie Probyn, who had been holding weekly sessions with her since November.

The note was for Ms Pulteney to hand to her GP at an appointment the day before her death, an appointment she didn't keep.

Mrs Probyn told the inquest that Ms Pulteney had been spending most of her time at her mother's home in Ottery St Mary as "she felt safer there".

She described her as a "pleasant and co-operative young woman" but "seemed to be slowed down".

Ms Pulteney's mother Dianna, described her as a "devoted friend" and "loving daughter", but said she had started to become stressed at her job as recreational manager and welfare officer at The Globe English Centre in Exeter. Ms Pulteney had been prescribed an anti-depressant.

Mrs Pulteney said: "She said that ten days after starting the medication, she started having mood swings and she was concerned she may be bi-polar.

"She questioned why she had been prescribed it because of the risks."

A statement from Ms Pulteney's aunt, Dr Stella Dixon, said her niece's job was "proving problematic" as she took on more responsibility.

"She was getting very anxious and panicky at work" said Dr Dixon.

"She had decided to resign from her job and was looking to seek another one. We thought she may have turned a corner."

In giving his verdict, Sherriff Payne, said: "Many of us will not not why people get to such a state that they have to end their lives.

"The only verdict I can take is that she has taken her own life."