A RARE bird has been spotted in Dorset. 

Conservation officer for Dorset Wildlife Trust, Hamish Murray, spotted the rare Dartford Warbler at Winfrith
Nature Reserve.

This small, dark, long-tailed warbler is resident in the UK and has suffered in the past from severe winters.

Its population crashed to a few pairs in the 1960s.

Since then it has gradually recovered, increasing in both numbers and range.

It is still regarded as an Amber List species.

It will perch on top of a gorse stem to sing, but is often seen as a small flying shape bobbing between bushes.

Sally Welbourn, communications officer at Dorset Wildlife Trust said: “Dartford Warblers are a real success
story. They nest on lowland heathland and have a very unique look – seeing
one in the wild is a really magical wildlife encounter.”