LAST Friday the waste food bins, properly placed on the foot path outside the properties of Cranford Avenue, were not collected.

In response to a message the Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) promised collection within three working days. As I write it is Wednesday and the bins have still not been collected.

I have tried phoning the DWP only to be told “Please call later”.

I find this response frustrating, extremely rude and very unhelpful.

Equally rude is their web site which, having marked certain information as ‘optional,’ refused to accept the submission unless it was included!

In the mean time the household food bins are festering in the street where they constitute a health risk and are also used by passers by to discard their refuse such as drinks cans and crisp packets. We, the householders would be penalised if such refuse were found in the bins.

On this evidence the DWP should be wound up and the service returned to the borough which was very efficient.

John Neimer