WORK is set to begin on a new mine on Portland.

Albion Stone has commissioned contractors to start the groundworks at the Stonehills site, on Avalanche Road.

The work had been delayed due to concerns over nesting Skylarks.

And ecologist has now visited the site and has said it is clear of nesting birds.

An archaeologist will be present for the stripping of the site in case anything is unearthed of interest.

Once work is complete, a five-year aftercare programme will commence and the land around the mine will be restored to reinstate wildlife habitats.

Albion Stone has now contacted residents and told them what to expect as the works commence, but it urging people to avoid trespassing on to the site.

A spokesman said: "We would like to remind the community to avoid trespassing on this site at all times; practical measures are in place to prevent any unauthorised entry and all entrances will be securely gated and locked outside the hours the mine is not in use. There is also a security guard on site 24/7."