A NEW easy-to-understand guidebook to aid people with learning difficulties has been produced for a popular Dorset attraction.

The Tank Museum at Bovington worked with Munstys, a group for adults with learning difficulties, and the charity People First Dorset to create the Easy Read guidebook, backed by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The guide contains key information about the museum and the history of armoured warfare and is written in clear, plain English. Maps of each exhibition point out the key exhibits and help visitors find their way around the Museum.

Members of Munstys visited the museum and gave their opinions on what people with learning difficulties needed to help find their way around the exhibitions.

The group trialled the guide and gave their feedback to improve it.

People First Dorset specialise in writing Easy Read text, a way of writing information that uses short, clear sentences and plain English. It took the information that The Tank Museum provided for the guide and made it easy to read and understand.

Felicity Wood, Education Officer said: “It has been fantastic to work with Muntsys and People First Dorset on an incredibly worthwhile project.

"This is not a guide designed just for people with learning difficulties. This is a guide designed by people with learning difficulties for any visitor who wants a clear, straightforward and interesting guide to the Museum.”

Sue Munts, director of Muntsys, said: “From the very beginning of this collaboration the group have been fully involved in every stage of the guides’ production.

"They were very clear that the guide should be easy to follow and appeal to a wider audience. The group worked particularly hard in the planning of the book and made numerous visits to gather information, draw plans and take photographs.

"Following their presentation to Felicity about of their ideas they were given the go-ahead to work with Claire from People First Dorset who was able to put it into an easy read format.

"The final result is true to their vision and the group is all thrilled to have been a part of ensuring that information about The Tank Museum is now accessible to everybody.”