MORE badgers have been vaccinated by a voluntary group of campaigners who object to the culling of the animals.

The Dorset Badger Vaccination Project (DBVP) has taken to the countryside in the county to inject 117 badgers so far this year to provide them with immunity from disease.

As reported in the Echo, the controversial cull was launched earlier this year in a bid to stop cattle being infected with Bovine TB.

However, campaigners including the DBVP are strongly opposed to the cull and insist that not only is vaccination the most humane way of fighting the disease, that it is also the most effective.

The DBVP is a not-for-profit organisation, consisting of 11 people trained in badger vaccination.

Melvyn Seddon, DBVP director and lead vaccinator, said: “People should be aware that Bovine TB is a disease of cattle that also infects wildlife.

“If farmers are worried about the badgers on their land then they should contact us.

“Badger vaccination is cost-effective and scientifically credible. Our services are confidential.”

The badger cull has also been criticised by wildlife campaigners, the Dorset Wildlife Trust.