THE COMPANY behind a major new holiday home development at Crossways has made a potentially life saving donation to the local community.

Habitat First Group, which is building the Silverlake development on the site of Warmwell Quarry, handed over new kit to NHS Community First Responder Nick Gravenor.

The kit includes a defibrillator, pulse oximeter, oxygen and other basic life saving equipment, and also comes with a pager, which Community First Responders can be contacted on.

Habitat says the new kit is an invaluable resource to the local community allowing, Mr Gravenor to respond to medical emergencies whilst an ambulance makes its way to the incident.

It buys the paramedics vital time that is often required in rural areas where journeys can take a lot longer than average.

The NHS provides Community First Responders with training and regular refresher courses allowing them to deal with medical emergencies when they arise, however extra kits come at volunteers’ own expense.

They are often reliant on contributions and donations to continue the community schemes as the volunteers give up their spare time for no monetary gain and receive no reimbursement for the use of their vehicles.

Mr Gravenor works alongside fellow Community First Responder, Colin Poulter, who he has been sharing the current medical response kit with.

Habitat First says this second kit will increase the availability of each responder, ultimately making Crossways a safer place to live.

Owner Red Paxton said: "Over the next few years, our Silverlake development will begin to welcome guests and residents, which means the community in Crossways is only set to grow.

"We therefore want to do our part in helping the local community and investing in this vital piece of healthcare equipment for such a selfless member of the community like Nick, is just another way in which we hope to contribute in making Crossways a great place to live."

Habitat First is in the midst of transforming the Warmwell Quarry site into sustainable development boasting 1,000 holiday homes across 560 acres.

The first plots were sold earlier this year after Habitat First took over the first 150 acres of the site.

Quarrying is due to cease by 2017, when Habitat First will take over the rest of the site.

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