Hi, nice to meet you! We are Adam and William. Some of you may remember us from articles we wrote for the Voices page on a Saturday.

Well, we’re back!

We are really happy as the Echo have given us our own column every Tuesday in the paper and online.

It’s a huge privilege for us and we couldn’t be more grateful to be given this opportunity. Also, the two of us and the Echo could be breaking exciting new ground. Why? Because we think it’s the first regular column written by people who have a learning disability in any newspaper in the UK.

So now, as we start this new adventure, we invite you to join us and discover how we view the world. We have lots of thoughts, views and ideas and we can’t wait to get started.

We usually meet in Dorchester at Carluccios to write or edit these articles so if you see us in there, please come and say hello.

Sometimes it might be one of us writing but mostly we will write this column together. We are grateful to the Friendship Club for helping us edit our articles.

Thank you for taking the time to read our first column. It’s really good to be back and if you have enjoyed reading this, please come back next week and let us know what you think. We welcome your comments, either in writing to the Echo or online.

As for next weeks’ subject, we aren’t going to tell you what it’ll be about….we want you to have a have a nice surprise!

nAdam and William are supported in their editing by The Friendship Club– a project for adults with learning disabilities, run by People First Dorset.