BROADMAYNE has been dealt ‘yet another blow’ after it was announced that the village’s GP surgery will close this weekend. 

The surgery will close tomorrow. 

A meeting was held on Monday night to announce plans to close the surgery and discuss any concerns.

The decision to close the surgery was taken after the GP at Broadmayne announced he would be retiring.

Residents have reacted angrily to the proposals with many concerned about losing the surgery and the dispensary and the fact they will now have to travel to Dorchester or Crossways

West Dorset District Councillor, Cllr Alan Thacker who represents Broadmayne and Crossways said that people are devastated. 

He said: “I think most people are devastated. It’s yet another blow for our rural community.

“There was a meeting held last night. Everyone there was really upset that it’s closing. 

“We’ve got a lot of older people that it’s going to effect.”

Immediately after the GP's resignation, NHS England wrote to patients to set out options for the future and also asked them to take a survey to understand patients needs.

NHS England said that Broadmayne has a very small patient list which makes it difficult to sustain.

They asked 15 local GP practices if they would be interested in providing services in Broadmayne but after three initially expressed interest they said that it would not be sustainable.

All patients registered at Broadmayne will be transferred to Atrium Health Centre from Sunday.

The Atrium Health Centre operates from two locations both under four miles from Broadmayne in Crossways and Dorchester.

Residents have spoke of their concerns over having to travel further afield for the service. 
James Gollop, 80, who lives in the village has raised concerns over people having to travel.

He said: “We’ve got a lot of older folk in this village. 

“I can get to Dorchester by car but I don’t know for how much longer. 

“The elderly folk are going to have trouble getting to Dorchester.”

NHS England said they are sorry for the closure but that they worked hard to keep it open.

A spokesperson said: “We have worked very hard to retain a GP surgery in the village as we knew this was the preference of patients.

“We are very sorry that we were unable to do so, but GPS are contractors independent of the NHS and cannot be compelled to take on a service. 

“The new practice is open a wider number of hours and has a greater choice of GPs than the previous singled-handed practice.”

Cllr Thacker paid tribute to the staff at the surgery who have worked so hard to make people feel as comfortable as possible when visiting.

He said: “The staff have been really really good. They know the patients by name.

“They make them feel relatively comfortable which isn’t always easy in a doctor’s surgery.”