A BUDDING entrepreneur who set up her own business on her 18th birthday has already had a taste of awards success.

Libby Reynolds, from Preston, was named as a finalist in the Rising Star of the Year category at the Direct Selling Awards after competing against 400,000 other eligible sellers.

The teenager said she was determined to be a self employed businesswoman even before leaving school and set up Punzel’s, her own independent Avon Leadership business, the day she turned 18 on May 16 this year.

She was inspired by the success of her parents, who are also independent Avon Leaders and run their own successful business that she worked for as soon as she left school.

Libby says the business has been an immediate success, which has seen her recognised at two national events in just six months of operating, with the Direct Selling Awards coming on the back of recognition at Avon’s Leadership Live awards.

She has also featured on a regional news programme and developed a big online following.
Libby said: “I often get messages off people of all ages saying I have inspired them in some way and it’s incredibly overwhelming.”

The youngster’s work sees her travel all over the country to recruit Avon ladies and she believes she has already recruited well over 100 people.

Libby said she hoped sharing her story would encouraging other young adults in the local area to follow their dreams and ambitions, even if they are not what society expects of them.

She said she never went to college and was home schooled because of bullying from years 9 to 10.

Her only previous job was working in a WH Smith’s at a service station for around two months before she quit as she hated being told what to do.

Libby said: “I hated being told what to wear, what time to start and finish work, and I just knew I would be better off working for myself.

“But, here I am, running my own successful business and achieving my goals.”

Libby is not the only Dorset entrepreneur who enjoyed success at the Direct Selling Awards.
Rose Bunce and Jodie Martinez, who both run Cambridge Weight Loss centres in the county, claimed two major awards on a night of success for Dorset.

For more information about Libby and her business visit punzels.co.uk.