A DORCHESTER care home is embracing the digital age with a move away from paperwork to an app-based system.

Grassington House says it has become the first residential care home in the county town to move to the new system, replacing papers folders and pens with smartphones.

Grassington House is home to residents aged from 65 to 100.

Staff working in care need to make sure they keep plenty of accurate records of their health and care needs.

The new system will allow carers to make notes on the go, wherever they are in the home, with just a few taps, replacing the traditional end-of-shift paperwork.

Megan Read, registered manager at Grassington House, said: “I know our home inside out and we are proud of the high standard of care we provide to our residents. There are many reasons why people choose residential care.

“Our focus is on making sure people have the best quality of life they can, every day.

“There are many requirements on carers these days to evidence their work and show that they are meeting certain standards.

“Nourish makes care more transparent, so it will be clear how we care for our residents and the high standards we set for ourselves.”

She added: “We love to see our residents enjoying themselves, in whatever they may be doing.

“We go out for plenty of small trips with the people we care for; even a short walk outside seeing sunshine and greenery can give a person a massive lift to their day.

“Now with Nourish, instead of having to write lots of paper notes to show what we have done, we can take a photo and show a person enjoying their day.

“Most importantly, we will be reducing the time we spend on paperwork and freeing up carers’ time so they can spend more quality time with the residents.”

Nuno Almeida, founder and CEO of Nourish, said: “We are delighted to be supplying Grassington House with our system for all their care records.

“We are so often impressed with the hard work and dedication shown by carers, giving their time and care to help people enjoy every day.

“Our role is to use innovation to try and make their day that little bit easier, so they can spend less time on paperwork and more time on the face-to-face care that matters so much.”