THE Jurassic Coast continues to crumble as these stunning pictures of the latest Dorset cliff fall reveal.

The images taken from a camera drone show the aftermath of the 'substantial' cliff movement as hundreds of tonnes of material slipped down between Burton Bradstock and West Bay after the coast was lashed by Storm Frank last week.

The rockfalls, revealed to be three in total, includes a giant boulder which has plummeted to the ground intact. The cliffs are bathed in early afternoon sunlight in pictures captured by James Loveridge.

The movement rocked the coast between between Freshwater and Hive Beach on New Year's Eve.

No-one was injured but authorities have reiterated safety messages about staying safe at the coast and not going too close to observe rockfalls.

James said after he saw images shared by other photographers, he decided to investigate with friend Neil Barnes.

He said: "As the beach has been inaccessible for a few weeks now, Neil and I went to the cliff top and sent the drone out and found the one where the giant slab had fallen down, which I believe to be about 60-70 feet high and around 100 tonnes.

"We had the images coming back to us on a live feed to a tablet so we circled round it and took a number of pictures and videos of the rockfall. We were very surprised to see it all in one piece as usually they break up on the way down but due to its size it should stay in one piece for quite a while."

He added: "It is important to remind people to not to walk along the beach from Freshwater or Hive Beach to try and get to the rockfall because the recent storms have stripped away a lot of beach and it is possible to get cut off even at low tide, plus there is the danger of further rockfalls."

Sam Rose, Jurassic Coast World Heritage team leader at Dorset County Council, said the recent rockfalls are steadily being eroded by the sea.

He added: "People should stay away from the top and base of the cliffs and follow the National Trust guidance on signs around the coast."